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LicenseFortress® was developed in 2016 by VLSS's Founder & Chief Architect, Dean Bolton.  VLSS has spent over 13 years specializing in Oracle and VMware technologies.  LicenseFortress® was born after VLSS was approached by VMware about a predicament that many of their customers were facing when trying to license Oracle on VMware. Oracle's aggressive auditing tactics shed light on the dire situation that most companies face when using Oracle's products, especially in a cloud environment. While some companies have been deterred from using Oracle, we believe it is a powerful tool for your business when deployed correctly. That's where LicenseFortress helps you take control of your license investment while removing the threat of being out of compliance. 


LicenseFortress has four levels of service (Discovery, Standard, Premier, and Legal) to work within your budget, reduce your risk, and eliminate the surprise factor.  We are upfront with all of our pricing and offer no-nonsense pricing models that sets us apart from industry standards. We offer the industries only solution with a financial guarantee, legal defense and real-time intelligent license compliancy monitoring.

We are confident about our added value. In many cases – including reducing compliance claims – we will  guarantee that our value greatly exceeds our cost; In situations where clients have already taken steps to reduce a claim but want to achieve even better results. In such situations – but also when reducing the annual support fee at the stage where you no longer believe it is possible – we are typically able to work on a no-cure-no-pay basis.

Our clients range from Fortune 100 companies to government agencies, as well as your small to mid-sized business. At LicenseFortress®, we are fully committed to our customers.  We are very proud of our 96% customer satisfaction and 90% customer retention.  We believe this is a direct result of our core values and business practices. We strive to deliver solutions on-time and under budget to all of our customers. 

We are dedicated to helping Oracle's licensing customers and partners understand and implement Oracle's licensing strategies worldwide. Our goal is to help you optimize your software investment by enhancing your understanding of Oracle's licensing and pricing practices.