LicenseFortress’ Pricing Integrity

LicenseFortress® is one of the most competitively priced Oracle license management and audit protection services on the market today. We’ve heard customer after customer say, wow you are priced significantly less than [Fill in the Blank] company.  Why might you ask?  We built the industry’s most efficient software compliance and monitoring platform. Many of the tasks other firms do manually, we do through automation and pass the savings on to you, our customers.

Our process of assessing risk is much like that of an insurance company. We evaluate data and calculate the level of risk to offer the absolute best price.  Additionally, we secure our recommendations with our financial guarantee;  “If we are wrong, we pay for it.”  You can think it’s a gimmick, but we offer this guarantee because we are that confident in our solution.  What happens if your Oracle license management consultant recommends a solution that is erroneous? Inevitably, Oracle hands you the bill for several million dollars in back licensing fees.  Who pays that bill?  Not many companies are going to sign up for that risk because; 

1. They can’t quantify your risk complexity correctly, and/or

2. They are not confident enough in their solution to put their own money on the line. 

Pricing Questions You Should Be Asking Your Oracle License Management Consultant Before Engaging

  • How do you evaluate my Oracle risk?
  • How do you calculate my schedule of fees?
  • Do all your customers pay the same price?
  • Do you guarantee your services and recommendations?
  • Who pays if you’re wrong?

3 Top Reasons Other License Management, and Audit Protection Services Are Withhold Their Pricing: 

#1 One Size Fits All Pricing Model

Oracle licensing is complicated, to say the least.  A company running ten workloads on a physical server with no High Availability (HA) or Disaster Recovery (DR) needs vs. a company running 1000 workloads on VMware with HA and DR needs.  These scenarios are two ends of the Oracle risk spectrum so why would these customers pay the same price? 

#2 The Price Changes Based on Your Companies Size and Valuation

Oracle uses public data on companies regarding M&A events and high growth to target companies for audits.  A good reason why you have not found the pricing of a license management service provider online is that they are using this same public information to see how much money they can charge you for their services.  

#3 The Price Changes Based on Where You Are at in the Audit Cycle

You got a quote from an Oracle license management consultant because you had some questions about getting your Oracle licenses in order.  You did not engage the consultant to perform the work.  A few months go by, and you receive an ‘Oracle Review Notice’ (just a heads up that is not a review, it’s an audit). You call back the same consultant, and the price is now 3X the amount.  Unless they are providing additional services, your risk profile should be EXACTLY the same (given everything in your Oracle deployment remained the same).  The only thing that has changed is your level of urgency for Oracle licensing help. 

Why We Have Chosen to Take a Different Path on Pricing

At LicenseFortress we are looking to build a long-term relationship with our customers built on mutual respect and trust. We are not looking for a one time engagement. We took this same long-term view when we built the LicenseFortress software for compliance monitoring and alerting platform. Today when others think its good enough to check your Oracle software compliance annually, we do every few minutes. Providing our customers peace of mind around the clock. 

We’ve always believed Oracle is a powerful tool for many businesses, that is why we have not shied away from their product.  On the other hand, we do not agree with Oracle’s aggressive license auditing tactics as a strategy to generate more revenue.  LicenseFortress brings customers relief from Oracle licensing compliance issues and audit threats without all the sales schemes.  We promise to be completely transparent in our pricing from start to finish and removing the guess work of affordability. 

We have created a calculator and a guide to assist our customers in taking the first step to understanding the cost of our Oracle licensing management services.  The brief survey will provide you with a quote of our services along with a service recommendation.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.  We are happy to walk you through the quote process. 

Happy quoting!

-The LicenseFortress Team