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LicenseFortress Legal edition on Oracle is our standard level of service with all work being overseen by a lawyer that have extensive experience solving business and legal issues related to software. With LicenseFortress Legal edition on Oracle you get the added benefit of attorney-client privilege. A legal privilege that works to keep communications between an attorney and his or her client confidential. The privilege is asserted in the face of a legal demand for the communications, such as a discovery request or a demand that the lawyer testify under oath.

LicenseFortress Legal Edition on Oracle is a full package offering.  In addition to the detailed list of all your Oracle products, a copy of your Oracle License Service Agreement (OLSA) and highlighted entitlements; you receive a comprehensive initial license review and audit, monthly compliance reports located next to each itemized Oracle product and a catalog of webinars to train newly hired members of your team.

  • Intelligent Compliance Monitoring
  • License Portal
  • Cloud Enabled
  • Installation
  • Real-Time Alerting
  • VMware Aware
  • Auto Discovery
  • License Review
  • Access to Licensing Experts
  • License Academy
  • Pricing Advisor
  • Audit Defense

*This offering does not include the LicenseFortress® Guarantee. For clients interested in the Guarantee there would be an additional charge.

There are many licensing consultants that can assist with an Oracle audit. These firms review your IT architecture and project plan. This can minimize your initial license purchase, ensuring you buy only what you need, when you need it. However, be aware that most licensing consultants do not have the technical staff to analyze the results of an Oracle audit and aid in the negotiations. In addition, they do not have the technical capabilities to rearchitect a solution or implement restrictions to prevent license compliance issues. LicenseFortress®, in contrast, is the industry’s leading expert on licensing Oracle technology. We have both Oracle Certified Masters (OCM) and VMware Certified Design Experts (VCDX) on staff. Only a few hundred people in the world hold each of these certifications. Everyone at LicenseFortress® holds at least one certified professional certification, and continuing certification is tied to promotion and job retention. LicenseFortress® is the first and only Oracle software license management and audit protection service with a guarantee. Even if you have already received an audit notice, LicenseFortress can still be put in place to protect yourself from audit liabilities. Oracle expertise plus the financial guarantee is what makes LicenseFortress truly unique and exceptionally valuable.

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