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LicenceFortress Premier subscription is a bundled product and service offering; includes all the same features as Standard subscription but secures it with our financial guarantee and legal representation. This subscription is perfect for customers who do not want to worry about the liability and legal defense when a software vendor challenges your licencing deployment in court proceedings.

Too often software vendors are bullying their customers into purchasing more than is required in licence agreements. We comb through your software contracts to create an aggressive, yet, compliant solution that maximizes your license investment. In addition to all the benefits from the Standard subscription, you are financially secure with the LicenceFortress guarantee. Should our recommended software deployment found not be in compliant in court proceedings, we pay for any additional licences that would be required for your environment. That’s why VMware is calling LicenceFortress, “an incredibly bold initiative…..It's going to allow for every customer to be 100% confident in their actual optimized licence architecture.”

With access to our customer portal, you will have enhanced capabilities upgraded from the Discovery level subscription.  In addition to the detailed list of all your Oracle products, a copy of your Oracle Licence Service Agreement (OLSA) and highlighted entitlements; you receive a comprehensive initial licence review and audit, monthly compliance reports located next to each itemized Oracle product and a catalog of webinars to train newly hired members of your team.

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Alerts in real-time.  Really. If something happens you will get a notification immediately.  Unlike competitors, who wait until a review period.


When an activity like a database installation or turning on a feature that requires a licence occurs, LicenceFortress® detects the activity real-time, is aware of your Oracle specific licensing and automatically takes into consideration if this event causes you to fall out of compliance with your software licence agreement.


Each quarter you will receive detailed reports of your environment including; compliance reports, licence utilization/underutilization, licence deployment map, Licence expiration notification and licence inventory.


You have ongoing access to LicenceFortress® licencing experts. Just pick up the phone to talk to an architect.


We provide training and on-boarding assistance to help your database administrators (DBAs) and system administrators understand Oracle licencing issues provided through a series of webinars, knowledge base and scheduled training sessions. 


We amass and evaluate your licencing to fully understand your IT environment and identify software licence non-compliance.


We keep a database of all Oracle discounts so we can advise you on if you are receiving a good value on your potential purchase or what you’ve already purchased. 


LicenceFortress® virtual appliance is built specifically for VMware environments.


View and monitor your inventory of current licence consumption, remediation plans, and quarterly compliance reports via your personalized customer portal. If you want to know where your current Oracle workloads are being deployed, just go to the portal for a full licence inventory.


When you are notified of an Oracle audit, all you have to do is contact the team at licence experts at LicenceFortress.  From there, we handle everything. You can rest easy as we are ready to manage, monitor and protect your Oracle investment; minimizing and even eliminating back-licence fees for products and support, fines, and auditing costs.


We review your licences evaluate your compliance in public clouds e.g. Amazon, Microsoft and Oracle. 


Our system automatically evaluates your environment to detect where Oracle has been deployed.


At LicenceFortress with have a proprietary database of all Oracle discounts given to our customers by industry, company size, product purchases, country, region to time of year. With this information we can advise you on if you are being offered a good value on your potential purchase or if you over payed for what you have already purchased. Bottom line you will never have to overpay for licence again.


If we are wrong, we pay for it.

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