Out Smarting the Competition

Software asset management (SAM) tools are primarily discovery programs.  They are designed to discovery what licenses you have and where those licenses are deployed.  What they do not do is alert you if you are out of compliance per your licensing agreement; or monitor your usage if you make a change to your license utilization, which causes you to be out of compliance. 

We developed the most intelligent software asset management tool, with real-time alerting and monitoring assuring you will never be out of compliance again. 

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Time is of the essence

Traditional license management services follow consultancy practices where the clock is always running; creating costly interactions at time when you need advice the most.  Without the smart technology many of their processes are manual costing you valuable time and money.  Additionally, these manual processes leave the door wide open for human error and inefficiencies in the application of their solutions.

 LicenseFortress is a flat, low-monthly subscription, with no hidden costs, and no billable hours to track assuring the price of our service is what it is.  Get the advice you need, when you need it, without worrying about how much it will all cost at the end of your engagement.   We reduce the time it will take to implement a solution and eliminate the outside risks of human error while providing upfront pricing. 


knowledge is Power

No license solution is sustainable unless you comprehend the application and functionalities of your operation.  Give a man a fish feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime. 

Our License Academy will get your whole team up to speed. The Academy will prepare your staff to grasp the complicated processes of software licensing and learn how to detect scenarios that might land your licensing deployment in trouble. You will learn directly from our experts, and have access to our database of archived webinars and instructional videos. 


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rest assured

Oracle says you're out of compliance within the terms of your Oracle License Service Agreement but you're license management provider says you are compliant based on their evaluation.  The question becomes, who is responsible if Oracle is proven to be correct? 

The answer is: YOU

Thats where the LicenseFortress guarantee becomes invaluable.  We guarantee our services by assuming ALL the risk.  Meaning simply: If we are wrong, we pay for it. 


Order in the Court

Oracle has no problem deploying their legal team to defend their Oracle license and service agreement OLSA(s). You have to remember that over 50% of Oracle's revenue stream is driven by audits of their licensed products. Better believe that they are prepared to defend this flow of revenue. 

Rightfully, you should be prepared to defend your Oracle investment.  LicenseFortress provides a legal team that understands the nuances in licensing contracts and can defend you in the event your licensing utilization is questioned in a lawsuit. 

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