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It’s inevitable — like death and taxes — and about as enjoyable. If you buy an Oracle® licence for any of their products, you will be audited. It may be called a “licence review,” but do not kid yourself, it is an audit and comes with all the pain and fines that any audit brings.

Don’t be in denial about this because it just might cost you your job. Many organizations audited by Oracle have had to pay millions of dollars in back-licence fees. You are the head of IT. You are responsible if this should happen. Many a CIO or VP of IT have been fired for less.

Oracle initiates an audit for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you changed your IT environment recently — a definite red flag for which Oracle will come knocking soon if they catch wind of it. Another reason for an audit is something as innocent as a call to your Oracle representative with a licence question or to ask about purchasing another product. Or it is just “your turn,” which, believe it or not, is the reason that Oracle provides in most cases when asked. Many vendors, including Oracle, initiate audits if it looks like they may not reach their revenue goals. The fact is, an audit can happen at any time, for any reason or for no reason. That is why it’s inevitable.

Cue, LicenseFortress®. Audit DEFENSE! (clap, clap) Audit DEFENSE! 

LicenseFortress® is your hands-off, stress-free, full-service audit defense.  When you are notified of an Oracle audit, all you have to do is contact us. From there, we handle everything.  You can rest easy as we are ready to manage, monitor and protect your Oracle investment; minimizing and even eliminating back-licence fees for products and support, fines, and auditing costs.


Our licensing experts will apply the LicenseFortress® Solution, grooming the data with a fine tooth comb to identify any licensing issues before they become a problem. We review your current Oracle contract to determine your purchased licences.  This helps us understand your current environment and gives us the big picture of your organization's licensing configuration. Through the customer portal, you will be able to review our data and analysis, which provides you with a compliance report. On a quarterly basis, we will perform a full internal audit of your Oracle systems. We will identify any audit risks that need to be addressed before Oracle issues any formal notices.


LicenseFortress® monitoring tools and scripts will be configured in your environment. These tools will be used monthly to identify workloads that may have been migrated on to unlicensed hosts. We then take the licensing information and input that data into the customer portal.   Compliance issues (if any) are pinpointed, and we will formulate a remediation plan.


When Oracle issues a formal audit notice or a less-formal notice of licence review, LicenseFortress® at no additional charge to you will immediately engage in your defense. We will respond to all Oracle audit correspondence on your behalf, including which data should, and should not be, provided to Oracle. And should it be necessary we will provide legal representation at no additional charge from a top law firm backing our work and protecting your licence investment.

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