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Everything is Negotiable, Although Every Negotiation is Not Easy.

Most Oracle®, Microsoft® and IBM® customers think of their contracts as simple purchasing documents that allow them to use the software. The software vendors know this and optimize their contract processes based on the strengths and weaknesses of their customers’ procurement and negotiating processes. With every consolidation, new purchase, migration, or contract change, there is an opportunity for Oracle, Microsoft and IBM to reverse what customers previously negotiated. 

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Oracle, Microsoft and IBM have an arsenal of resources primarily focused on defending and enforcing their software purchase agreements (such as Oracle's OLSA). The software contracts themselves are a labyrinth of regulations with ever-changing URLs and referenced policies. Oracle, Microsoft and IBM have a standard practice of having ruthless focus on the bottom line extorting their customers in a scheme summarized into three major points:

  1. Extreme complexities are written into the software contract while suspiciously vague licensing policies. 

  2. Software is installed with the main products and enabled by default resulting in customers using features they haven't licensed.

  3. Software companies issues a 'breach notice' accompanied with "help" in the form of an audit team. 

While they will call it a review, you are actually being audited and bringing a customer into compliance is NOT the (primary) goal.  They will use this opportunity to sell services they may not want or need or even try to renegotiate the terms of your contract by selling cloud 'credits' to avoid hefty compliance fines. 

What We Do to Help You Negotiate Your Contract

  1. Expertise: We leverage our decades of Oracle, Microsoft and IBM expertise to navigate the murky waters of a software contract to achieve optimal results.

  2. Pricing Advisor: We keep a database of all Oracle, Microsoft and IBM discounts so we can advise you on if you are receiving a good value on your potential purchase or what you’ve already purchased. With our proprietary database categorized by Industry, Company Size, Product Purchases, Country, Region to time of year we can advise you on if you are being offered a good value on your potential purchase or if you over payed for what you have already purchased. Bottom line you will never have to overpay for license again.

  3. License Health Check: We amass and evaluate your licensing to fully understand your IT environment and identify software license non-compliance.

  4. Software Licensing Legal Team: We have a expert legal staff that is fully-versed in software licensing contracts to provide advise on the best way to proceed and negotiate the best terms going forward.

We provide our customers with confidence that their ongoing Oracle, Microsoft and IBM licensing is efficient, compliant, and optimal for your business needs.

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