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As your organization grows and your hardware and IT environment change companies are looking to maximize their licence investments without maximizing the cost.  We are all about increasing your utilization and using 100% of what you already purchased.

LicenseFortress® provides:

• Real-time licence monitoring — LicenseFortress® configures proprietary monitoring tools into your environment to monitor licence utilization in real time and immediately catch non-compliance issues to minimize compliance liability around the clock.

• Management and optimization — LicenseFortress® continuously manages and works with you to optimize your licence purchases and utilization, including licence recycling, retirement, harvesting, and renewals. We will also help you identify when the cloud is a better fit from a licencing perspective.

• Quarterly compliance reports —LicenseFortress® performs a full internal audit of your Oracle systems every quarter to identify audit risks that need to be addressed before Oracle issues any formal notices.

Manage Oracle licence agreements and products in the LicenseFortress® Customer Portal and:

  • Receive alerts when licences are about to expire (60 days)
  • Avoid risk of having to repurchase licences
  • Get an instant view how each all Oracle licence is being used
  • On-demand reporting and metrics
  • Reduce cost by removing unused database options and management packs


In a vast, dynamic datacenter it is challenging to identify all software installed at any given point in time. LicenseFortress® optimization focuses on where Oracle databases are installed, leaving no chance to compliance issues, reduced licensing costs and maximum utilization all cataloged and continuously monitored. 

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