Small Manufacturer Avoids a Big Oracle Bill

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Your company has a small Oracle® investment.  You think you are safe from an Oracle audit because Oracle has "bigger fish to fry."  And even if you were out of compliance, the audit bill can't be that bad, right?  That is where you are wrong.  There is a hierar to the audit process; however, Oracle audits ALL of their customers.  Additionally, a small Oracle investment can still translate to BIG compliance problems resulting in catastrophic audit bills that are crippling to a small business. This use case examines a small manufacturer's experience with an audit. This company had been an Oracle customer for almost 10 years, running only three databases and paying less than $15,000/year for their Oracle licenses. Regardless, this organization almost rang up a $1 million fine.  Read the full case study to see how LicenseFortress eliminated risk, reduced their licensing fines and remediated their Oracle deployment to optimize their investment. 


You're Never Too Small to be Audited. Small Manufacturer Avoids a Big Oracle Bill. 

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