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Quantify Your Oracle Risk eBook

Risks are an inevitable part of a business. However, the success of your organization depends on your ability to manage and respond to risks adequately.  Data collected by Gartner shows that revenue-motivated vendor license compliance audits are increasing for organizations of all sizes and industries. Software asset managers must understand audit trends and prepare the organization against compliance risk and unbudgeted costs.

As organizations are more likely than ever to be audited by their software vendor the number one question we receive is, “How at risk is my organization in the event of an Oracle audit?” In this eBook, you will be able to quantify your organization’s Oracle audit risk through traditional risk calculating practices in a risk matrix.

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12 Secrets of Passing an Oracle Audit

You’ve heard the stories [or shall we say nightmares] about Oracle audits. And you have always been fearful of what an Oracle audit might reveal should your organization be the subject of an audit.  And rightfully so, as there are many missteps one can take throughout the audit process that can take your audit from bad to worse. Outlined in this guide are the best kept secrets for dealing with an Oracle audit at every step of the process.

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