The Gorilla Guide to Oracle Licensing

Gorilla Guide Oracle Licensing

Although some don’t think of licensing as an overly technical topic, those who give it short shrift do so at their peril. The ramifications of getting licensing wrong when it comes to Oracle software can be crushing; even company destroying. 

That’s why this short book exists. Oracle’s licensing policies are incredibly complex and punitive should a company get it wrong. There are those, in fact, who would claim that Oracle’s complexity is a feature rather than a bug; the less that admins and C-level executives understand, the more likely they are to make a mistake that will financially benefit Oracle. 

We want to make sure that doesn’t happen to you. This book will discuss the ins and outs of Oracle’s licensing web, clarifying the murky points. We’ll also go in depth on the petrifying and dreaded “Oracle Audit,” providing clear advice on how to prepare for it; advice that includes calling in the cavalry when needed, to protect you from Oracle’s clutches.


The Gorilla Guide to Oracle Licensing

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