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The Seven Sins of Oracle Licensing That Will Land You at the Top of the Audit List

Let’s face it if you’re an Oracle® customer, you’ve heard about Oracle License Management Services (LMS), and you know they come in and perform Oracle software license compliance audits. If you have not been audited yet, rest assured they have you on the list. Here are common reasons your organization has skyrocketed to the top of the Oracle audit list. 

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Power Your Oracle Database and Business Applications Without Licensing Issues

In today's world, most enterprises rely on extensive IT infrastructures to support mission-critical Oracle databases used with business applications. These infrastructure environments can be very complex – and can present significant challenges to enterprises regarding performance, management, and licensing compliance, to mention just a few of the potential issues.

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State Health Exchange Saves $3.9 Million with the Help of LicenseFortress

In June 2016, the Exchange engaged LicenseFortress® to help it find ways to decrease its annual $1.7 million support costs. VLSS offered LicenseFortress®, an Oracle license management service that reduces software costs by optimizing active licensing and retiring licenses no longer in use. LicenseFortress® assists Oracle customers to make the best decisions in optimizing and negotiating their licensing.

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