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The Gorilla Guide to Oracle Licensing

Although some don’t think of licensing as an overly technical topic, those who give it short shrift do so at their peril. The ramifications of getting licensing wrong when it comes to Oracle software can be crushing; even company destroying. 

That’s why this short book exists. Oracle’s licensing policies are incredibly complex and punitive should a company get it wrong. There are those, in fact, who would claim that Oracle’s complexity is a feature rather than a bug; the less that admins and C-level executives understand, the more likely they are to make a mistake that will financially benefit Oracle. 

We want to make sure that doesn’t happen to you. This book will discuss the ins and outs of Oracle’s licensing web, clarifying the murky points. We’ll also go in depth on the petrifying and dreaded “Oracle Audit,” providing clear advice on how to prepare for it; advice that includes calling in the cavalry when needed, to protect you from Oracle’s clutches.

As organizations are more likely than ever to be audited by their software vendor the number one question we receive is, “How at risk is my organization in the event of an Oracle audit?” In this eBook, you will be able to quantify your organization’s Oracle audit risk through traditional risk calculating practices in a risk matrix.

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Quantify Your Oracle Risk eBook

Risks are an inevitable part of a business. However, the success of your organization depends on your ability to manage and respond to risks adequately.  Data collected by Gartner shows that revenue-motivated vendor license compliance audits are increasing for organizations of all sizes and industries. Software asset managers must understand audit trends and prepare the organization against compliance risk and unbudgeted costs.

As organizations are more likely than ever to be audited by their software vendor the number one question we receive is, “How at risk is my organization in the event of an Oracle audit?” In this eBook, you will be able to quantify your organization’s Oracle audit risk through traditional risk calculating practices in a risk matrix.

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12 Secrets of Passing an Oracle Audit

You’ve heard the stories [or shall we say nightmares] about Oracle audits. And you have always been fearful of what an Oracle audit might reveal should your organization be the subject of an audit.  And rightfully so, as there are many missteps one can take throughout the audit process that can take your audit from bad to worse. Outlined in this guide are the best kept secrets for dealing with an Oracle audit at every step of the process.

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Solution Provider Saves $3M in License Compliance Fees

This Enterprise Software Solution Provider (ESSP) has been an Oracle® customer for over a decade. In 2014, ESSP was audited by Oracle and found in violation of their license agreement. Unfortunately, some database features, Diagnostics and Tuning Pack, that ESSP did not use — and was not paying for — were accidentally turned on. ESSP owed Oracle $200k for unpaid license fees, which was 300 percent more than their existing Oracle annual spend.

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Why Waiting for an Oracle Audit is the Wrong Approach

If you head up IT and your organization is an Oracle customer, are you sleeping well at night? If you are monitoring your Oracle licenses, you can sleep soundly. And if you are not monitoring your licenses, you will be losing more than just a few nights sleep. In fact, you may be in for the shock of your career!

As an Oracle customer, there is nothing more certain than an Oracle audit. Keep that in mind if you are just sitting around and doing nothing awaiting the inevitable audit. There are zero reasons to just sit around and wait for an audit and seven reasons why you should prepare NOW. 

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License Health Check Report

Discover Your Optimal Deployment with Our License Health Check

Find out how our License Health Check can get your Oracle licensing back on track and let our experts make a remidiation plan to eliminate any compliance issues. Health Check includes: 

  • License Entitlement Review

  • License Deployment

  • Architectural Overview

  • Business Continuity Requirements

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Small Manufacturer Avoids a Big Oracle Bill

Your company has a small Oracle® investment.  You think you are safe from an Oracle audit because Oracle has "bigger fish to fry."  And even if you were out of compliance, the audit bill can't be that bad, right?  That is where you are wrong.  There is a hierarchy to the audit process; however, Oracle audits ALL of their customers.  Additionally, a small Oracle investment can still translate to BIG compliance problems resulting in catastrophic audit bills that are crippling to a small business. This use case examines a small manufacturer's experience with an audit. This company had been an Oracle customer for almost 10 years, running only three databases and paying less than $15,000/year for their Oracle licenses. Regardless, this organization almost rang up a $1 million fine.  Read the full case study to see how LicenseFortress eliminated risk, reduced their licensing fines and remediated their Oracle deployment to optimize their investment. 

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The Seven Sins of Oracle Licensing That Will Land You at the Top of the Audit List

Let’s face it if you’re an Oracle® customer, you’ve heard about Oracle License Management Services (LMS), and you know they come in and perform Oracle software license compliance audits. If you have not been audited yet, rest assured they have you on the list. Here are common reasons your organization has skyrocketed to the top of the Oracle audit list. 

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Power Your Oracle Database and Business Applications Without Licensing Issues

In today's world, most enterprises rely on extensive IT infrastructures to support mission-critical Oracle databases used with business applications. These infrastructure environments can be very complex – and can present significant challenges to enterprises regarding performance, management, and licensing compliance, to mention just a few of the potential issues.

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How Not to Sweat an Oracle Audit

An Oracle audit can be time-consuming, expensive, and stressful. This paper describes the best practices, third-party expertise, and tools that not only make an Oracle Audit less stressful, but also eliminate Oracle back-license costs, back-support costs, and audit fees.

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LicenseFortress Saves Digital Media Over $16M in Oracle Licenses

A current VLSS client and Oracle customer – a digital content company we’ll call DCC – saved more than $16 million in license fees while moving their OBIEE deployment to a virtual environment through our License Fortress service. Even better, License Fortress enables DCC to have confidence that their ongoing Oracle licensing is efficient, compliant – and guaranteed.

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State Health Exchange Saves $3.9 Million with the Help of LicenseFortress

In June 2016, the Exchange engaged LicenseFortress® to help it find ways to decrease its annual $1.7 million support costs. VLSS offered LicenseFortress®, an Oracle license management service that reduces software costs by optimizing active licensing and retiring licenses no longer in use. LicenseFortress® assists Oracle customers to make the best decisions in optimizing and negotiating their licensing.

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