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There are many licensing consultants that can assist with an Oracle audit. These firms will review your IT architecture and project plans. This can minimize your initial licence purchase, ensuring you buy only what you need, when you need it.

However, be aware that most licensing consultants do not have the technical staff to analyze the results of an Oracle audit and aid in the negotiations. They do not have the technical capabilities to re-architect a solution or implement restrictions to prevent licence compliance issues. The list gets even smaller when your business sits on a virtualized infrastructure like vSphere. At LicenseFortress we have deep domain expertise on VSphere and all its capabilities.

Dean Bolton a co-founder of LicenseFortress is a recognized expert by VMware on architecting, deploying and licensing Oracle Databases on VMware vSphere. For a number of years, Dean is one of three experts asked to participate in a webinar as a subject matter expert on Straight Talk on Oracle on VMware Licensing in 2017.

At LicenseFortress we have very deep expertise in all things VMware and Oracle database. Whether you have a licensing issue, a need to develop a licence efficient architecture that will meet the performance needs of your organization, to knowing exactly how to get the best possible outcome from an Oracle licence audit; We are here to help.

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