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Oracle Audit Triggers that SkyRocket you to the Top of the Audit List
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Oracle Audit Triggers

Seven Triggers that Skyrocket You to the Top of the Oracle Audit List

Let’s face it if you’re an Oracle customer you have heard about Oracle License Management Services (LMS) and you know they come in and perform Oracle Software License Compliance Audits. If you have not been audited yet, rest assured they have you on the list. These are the seven reasons why you might find yourself getting audited sooner rather than later. 


How not to Sweat an Oracle Audit

White Paper

An Oracle audit can be time-consuming, expensive, and stressful. This paper describes the best practices, third-party expertise, and tools that not only make an Oracle Audit less stressful, but also eliminate Oracle back-license costs, back-support costs, and audit fees.

Service & Subscription Calculator

Get an Instant Quote and Service Recommendation

Can you afford a license management service or audit protection?  The real question is; Can you afford not to? Your job and others depend on your ability to show and maintain compliance with Oracle's confusing and stringent OLSAs. 

Digital Media

Use Case: Digital Media

LicenseFortress Saves Customer Over 16 Million in Oracle Licenses

Customer Success: A current LicenseFortress client and Oracle customer – a digital content company we’ll call DCC – saved more than $16 million in license fees while moving their OBIEE deployment to a virtual environment through our LicenseFortress service. Even better, LicenseFortress enables DCC to have confidence that their ongoing Oracle licensing is efficient, compliant – and guaranteed.

Use Case: State Health Exchange

State Health Exchange Saves 3.9 Million with LicenseFortress

Customer Success: In June 2016, the Exchange engaged LicenseFortress® to help it find ways to decrease its annual $1.7 million support costs. VLSS offered LicenseFortress®, an Oracle license management service that reduces software costs by optimizing active licensing and retiring licenses no longer in use. LicenseFortress® assists Oracle customers to make the best decisions in optimizing and negotiating their licensing.

Emergency Audit Kit

Emergency Audit Kit

Five Simple Steps to Help You Prepare for an Oracle Audit

No one wants to be on the receiving end of an Oracle audit.  It’s time-consuming and, given the realitve complexity of Oracle environments, entails risk.  Neverthless, there are thing you can do to make the process easier and mitigate any potential downside.