What is an Oracle ULA?

To quote the Oracle data sheet located at: http://www.oracle.com/us/corporate/license-management-services/lms-ula-1945174.pdf

"An Unlimited Licence Agreement (ULA) is a time-based contract for unlimited use for a subset of Oracle products. At the end of the term, the customer may choose to renew the ULA or declare and certify usage to Oracle. If the customer chooses not to renew, licences will be assigned based on the customer’s current usage and certification at the end date of the ULA”.

Oracle's ULAs are a big money maker for the company; generating new licence revenue and increases the stream of support and maintenance fees being collected.  However, ULAs can be very beneficial for customers of Oracle when properly negotiated and managed.  Think of the Oracle ULA as the “All you can eat option”.  You pay Oracle a fixed fee, a typical ULA is 3 years and you can use as much of the products identified in the agreement as you want. Yet if the organization is not careful, the ULA can be a very expensive way to purchase Oracle software.

Like most legal contracts the ULA contract is drafted in the draftees favor in which case this is Oracle. This can put the client at risk of non-compliance and can lead to a very expensive ULA renewal or extension. Additionally, be prepared for an Oracle audit.  It's not a matter of IF you'll be audited, it's WHEN. Oracle has included their licence audit team (LMS) into the ULA process as a regular standard of practice. 

Common Oracle ULA Mistake

A common mistake we see people make, they sign a 3-year Oracle ULA and don’t worry about managing the use of software till the last 6 months. At this point time, most organizations don’t know where all the Oracle software is deployed and don’t have time to make changes to bring the pending bill down.

How We Can Help with an Oracle ULA

At LicenceFortress®, we help organizations manage their Oracle software licence investment, so they get a maximum return on what you've already purchased. We can help an organization determine if an Oracle ULA is the right way to obtain Oracle software; maximize the benefits from an existing Oracle ULA agreement; ongoing Oracle licence compliance management; and with Oracle ULA exit planning.



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