Simplify Oracle Virtualization without Licensing Issues

December 8, 2018

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Learn how you can transform your Oracle operations by implementing VMWare VVols which align database resource needs with storage services at the level of the individual VM. VVols makes possible simple, straightforward management for your Oracle databases at the VM level with all the rich data services of Pure FlashArray for your VMware environment. Tasks like cloning and snapshots are streamlined and you can gain better agility and control of your VMs.

You'll also find out how to leverage LicenseFortress for your VMWare deployments. The Pure Storage FlashStack solution combines with LicenseFortress to offer seamless, guaranteed Oracle license management, while eliminating Oracle database headaches for enterprise IT, and enables you to accelerate and consolidate business applications with significant savings on Oracle licensing costs.

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Straight Talk on Oracle on VMware Licensing in 2017

Throughout the course of the last decade, VMware virtualization has become the preferred platform for hundreds of thousands of customers, many of them running their Business Critical Applications on the virtualized infrastructure. At the center of many of these BCA environments is the Oracle Database Management System. Unfortunately, it is often the case, that significant confusion regarding how to properly license Oracle software in those VMware environments dominates the discussion distracting from what should be the main focus of the proposition. That is, the tremendous value of combining the world's premier RDBMS with the world's premier virtualization platform.

VMware is committed to customers who are interested in running Oracle on vSphere and correctly licensing Oracle Software on virtual infrastructure. In the interest of that effort, VMware, in partnership with DBTA and the IOUG, has invited the world's most recognizable experts in this subject to join us on a webinar for a frank and open conversation about how to properly adhere to existing contracts, as they exist presently and are available publicly, to correctly license Oracle on virtualized infrastructure.

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App Failover on VMware Cloud on AWS Protected by LicenseFortress 

This breakout session from VMworld 2018 goes over the Oracle E-Business Suite, Business Continuities around that, the VMware Cloud on AWS, a Failover Demo, and the LicenseFortress solution.

How to Survive an Oracle Licence Audit

AP's Andy Moors, ex-Database Manager and Dean Bolton, co-founder of VLSS talk about Oracle licensing and what can be done to optimise your current Oracle contract as well as how to avoid a potentially costly bill in the future.

They explained how easy it is to become non-compliant particularly when also running VMWare and similar technologies and how you can remove that risk by investing in the innovative LicenseFortress solution which includes an insurance policy for peace of mind!